Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer at Frying Pan Park

Cameron had scout camp at the end of last week and the other boys were feeling left out so we took Grandma to one of our favorite places- Frying Pan Park.  We saw lots of baby animals (the piglets were my favorite!), rode on the tractor and carousel and then went to lunch at Chick fil A.  The parking lot was very crowded and soon we realized that we had chosen to eat there on the dress like a cow and get free food day.  We gawked and laughed as entire families came in dressed head to toe and black and white spots.  Later at home I decided we could be one of those crazy families too and made some quick costumes for my "cow-boys".  Yep, Chick fil a twice in one day!  I even got Jeremy to wear a few spots and some ears but he never would have let me get a picture of him in that so you will just have to use your imagination.  I don't know that we will do it again but it sure was an experience!

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Kristy said...

Fun times! I love piglets, too. I'm glad that your boys are still willing to dress up for you! :)