Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ever Been to a Swimming Hole?

I never really even knew they existed until my friend Heather posted some pictures of this place on her blog. This stream flows down these big rocks which creates small waterfalls and pools of water perfect for slippin' and swimmin'.  We made the trek out to this cool place last weekend and although we were all a bit wary at first, eventually we hopped right in!  The boys loved sliding down the waterfalls and even Jeremy and I tried it once.  Gavin could not get enough.  He is definitely our daredevil and I'm surprised he didn't get hurt.  The deeper pools creeped me out since you could not tell how deep they were or what might be lurking at the bottom, but the more shallow ones suited me and Mason just fine.  Cameron loved finding the little fish swimming around but was leery of leeches even though we told him there weren't any.  It was worth the mile hike it took to get there and I think we'll definitely be back, but next time with water shoes so we don't slip around so much.


Robyn said...

that looks just like swiss family robinson! and what a great place for jeremy---no crowds!

Marsha said...

Hey Erika,

Where is this? We've totally been looking for a swimming hole nearby. We're driving all the way to NC next week to find one! Okay...that's not the only reason we are going...but I would love to know where this is. :)