Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is how we Douthat

Another Douthat weekend has come and gone and another pile of memories has been filed away for safe keeping. The Turners invited us to join them for the third year in a row along with the Seldens, Loveridges, and Hills. Our boys have learned to look forward to this trip and ask weeks beforehand when we will be going to "the mountains." The weather was once again perfect which is our Douthat miracle. October can be a bit tricky with the weather, but somehow our weekends are always filled with blue sky and warm temperatures. We attended the apple festival, hiked several trails, and even tried our hand at fishing this time but were not at all successful. We rented a row boat and had a big bonfire where we roasted as many marshmallows as we could handle. The nights were late and the mornings painfully early, but it has all become part of the tradition. This place is a real jewel and we are so glad that the Turners introduced us to it!

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