Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our boys are used to getting their hair cut at home. With three boys that need their hair cut about every 4 weeks, it just isn't very economical to go to the barber shop and fork out $42 a month when we can do it at home. But Jeremy and I aren't hair stylists and we don't serve popcorn and lollypops when we cut hair. Nor do we have a super cool salon with life sized characters lining the wall or fun chairs that move up and down. So it was a real treat to go and get haircuts today for H day. The stylists were great with the kids and they really do a great job fixing their hair nice. Mason sat this one out, I am getting used to his long locks again :) Once they were all gussied up, we took our suckers and went to turn some heads at "H"ouse of Bounce with the Tolers. What a "H"appy day!


Kristy said...

I'm really loving your ABC summer! Just thought you should know--I'm probably stealing your ideas for next summer. :)

Marsha said...

Tanner just loves that hair cut place! He begs for haircuts all the time. I agree though, it is expensive to keep these boys looking nice. I've got to get in the swing of doing cuts myself.