Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soccer has ended

Soccer is over! The boys had a fun season, but for me it was a bit long. So many practices and overscheduled Saturdays, I am glad that we can have some relaxing evenings and weekends for a while. Saturday was the last scheduled games for the boys and since we had been having rain for three days straight Gavin's game was cancelled and he just got together with his team for cupcakes and trophies. Cameron still had his game because it was scheduled to be on the turf fields and he played the best I have seen him play all season. Jeremy and I bribed him mid season telling him we would give him $5 if he scored a gaol thinking it would give him some extra motivation. It seemed to have worked, except Cameron wasn't able to make a goal. During half time at the game he came up to me crying that the season was over and he would never be able to make a goal. I tried praising him for working so hard and really trying, but he was just upset he wasn't going to make any money! After his game we all went to a local burger joint to have lunch and get trophies. The boys both had great coaches this year that inspired them and helped them excell. I'm not sure if there is more soccer in our near future, but Cameron says he wants to play again which means it was a success in our house! I think we may wait a year or two for Gavin since he really doesn't have the drive quite yet. There will be no argument from the taxi driver!

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Monica said...

Yea I have to say I didn't enjoy soccer nearly as much as I thought I would with two boys. We are trying basketball this season cause it's inside (no rain outs) and only one practice night and one game on's to hoping it's less stressful then soccer!