Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Keep Swimming :)

The boys took part in a developmental swim team this summer on the Kingsbrooke Pups and Mini-Pups. Three days a week for a month they practiced for half an hour and they just finished up yesterday.

For Gavin's class, the kids learn the basics of swimming, kicking, blowing bubbles, diving, and coordinating arm and leg movements. I didn't have great aspirations for him since he is just 3 years old, but I was surprised at how he progressed throughout the lessons. He latched on to one of the coaches, "Coach Andrew" and refused to let any of the other teachers work with him. He would only swim with Andrew, jump to Andrew and dive for Andrew. And after each lesson he insisted on running to give Andrew a hug after he had dried off and put on his shoes. We bought Andrew a candy bar to thank him for putting up with our strong willed boy. In trying to remember back to when Cameron was at this age taking lessons, I think that Gavin is much farther along. He is perfectly comfortable in the water (at times too comfortable) and Cameron just barely last year started trying to dive to get things from the bottom of the pool while Gavin is doing that now. He doesn't have the coordination yet to actually swim, but he loves to try, and he had more than his fair share of "drinking the pool" in his attempts to practice on his own. Gavin likes to march to the tune of his own drum and has a hard time letting others tell him what to do, so it was common to see him swimming around on his own when he was supposed to be sitting on the steps waiting his turn. At the end of his last practice yesterday, the kids got medals and had popsicles and cookies. It sure has been nice to have something to get us up and going in the mornings and we will miss coach Andrew for sure. It just isn't the same when Mommy or Daddy tries to do it.

Cameron was in the more advanced developmental group and practice for him involved swimming laps, learning freestyle and backstroke, and learning to dive in. I was impressed at how well he took to the direction and challenged himself to do the things the other kids could do. At times, we get frustrated at Cameron for making us silly excuses as to why he can't do something, so I was so proud of him when he actually tried the hard stuff and usually succeeded! I think it did wonders for his confidence to see that he could accomplish something he thought he couldn't do. Swim team is in his future for next year and I really think he will be good at it. Last night the kids in his group had a mini meet where they could show off what they had learned for us parents. Cameron chose to swim freestyle and a kick-board race and he did so well! He even won the kickboard race! Then the kids got their medals and had pizza. I know he will miss having lessons as well and I only hope he will continue to challenge himself to progress throughout the summer. We are definitely proud of our little swimmers.


Heather said...

You guys need to join Piedmont Swim team next year! We love it!!

Jones Family said...

So, who do you think is hotter? Our Mr. Andrew or yours!

Lisa Allen said...

Way to go, Cameron!! You know how much we love swimming around here. We loved the video of you swimming across the pool. Brooke, Emory, Brandon, and Aunt Lisa were all gathered around to watch YOU!

So fun!!

Aunt Lisa

Corri said...

Super impressive! I can't believe that Cameron is old enough to be swimming so well!

We were so busy this summer that Aidan missed swimming lessons, and I'm regretting it.

I'm glad you're having a busy, fun summer.