Friday, June 19, 2009

Cameron Graduates from Kindergarten!

Last Friday Cameron had a picnic and party at school in anticipation of his kindergarten graduation. It was a big luau and the kids put on a performance, made some crafts, and ate lots of food. Jeremy was able to come to the show, but had to leave to get back to work since we were going on vacation the next day. Mason was great, but Gavin wasn't feeling too well. The other two boys had been sick earlier in the week with a high fever and a sore throat and it seemed Gavin was getting it as well. I had to stay to help out with the grass skirts the kids were making, and Gavin was getting worse by the minute. He had a juice box and right afterwards started crying that his belly hurt. I asked him if he felt like he had to throw up and just as I did, he puked all over. It was terrible and had gotten all over the classroom reading carpet. Gavin has never thrown up before so he was frightened by what had happened. Needless to say, we did not stick around for the rest of the party, I scooped up the younger two and we headed home so I didn't even get any good pictures of Cameron. Thankfully, Angie got a good one. We are so excited for summer vacation and it will be so nice to have Cameron home.

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