Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There is this amazing park in Vienna called Meadowlark Park. When I was little we used to go there often to feed the geese and stroll around the acres and acres of beautiful landscaping and flora. It is still one of my very favorite places, even though about 10 years ago they built two big buildings at the entrance and started charging to get in :( I've been wanting to go and take some family pictures there and when I convinced a friend of mine to go and let me photograph her family there, it was a great excuse to take mine as well and try to get some good shots. Her kids were amazing and you can see some of the results here. I don't know why it is so much harder to get my kids to cooperate, but we were able to get a few decent pictures, thanks to my Christmas gift of a remote for my camera. Don't look too close or you can see it in my hand! All of the new photos on my blog are from Saturday, the weather was gorgeous and as always, the foliafe and flowers did not disappoint. If you are looking for a peaceful, beautiful place to take your family, take them to Meadowlark.


Monica said...

Super cute photos of both families!! I love that park too. My friend actually used to work there years ago so we would go and hang out there. My sister's engagement pictures were taken there too. I know it's a bummer they started charging!!

Tami said...

That is a great spot! I love all of the green. Great pictures as always!

Mandi said...

Those are cute and so are Glenna's of the kiddies. Your hair looks cute up- and I love the one of the boys at the top!