Monday, April 6, 2009

A visit with Uncle Chris

Jeremy's older brother Chris came out to visit us this weekend. He has never been to Virginia, so we were especially excited to have him come. The kids fought over him the whole time and were constantly asking where he was. He entertained them with his juggling and harmonica skills (and us too!). Chris is a big history buff, so Jeremy took him to the nearby Manassas battlefields, and today they are headed for DC, for a Tourmobile tour and most likely a stop off at the renovated American History Museum. Yesterday we dyed some eggs and roasted marshmallows. We always enjoy having visitors, come see us!


Goose said...

Cute fam picture of you guys. An uncle that juggles and plays the harmonica? Too cool.

Robyn/Lauren said...

Can we be your visitors?