Monday, August 18, 2008

Fishy, Fishy...

We have been spending a ton of time at the pool this summer, which has been great. Cameron has finally conquered his fear of the water and can now swim across the width of the pool. He may not be all that graceful, but hey, he gets it done. He will also jump into the pool and try to dive for things, both of which petrified him at the beginning of the summer. I think being around friends that were more proficient at swimming has really helped push him to try harder. We are so proud of him. And he's not the only one excelling- Gavin recently started being able to float in his life jacket in the pool and kick his legs to get where he wants to go. Tonight was the first night that Jeremy and I were able to sit on the edge of the pool the whole time and just watch the two of them navigate the open water. They really are growing up! And they were playing with each other and getting along! For a mom, there's nothing better in the whole world than that.

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