Monday, July 14, 2008

See Ya Sista'

Becky and I
Casey and Gavin
Cam, Casey, Dylan, and Gavs
Best Buds- Cameron and Dylan
Cam, Megan, Dylan, Gavin, and Casey (Sean and Ryan weren't there at the time)
Last Thursday my sister and her family moved to Bogota, Colombia. In the weeks leading up to their departure, we tried to spend as much time with them as their busy schedules would allow. After they packed out, they stayed in a Residence Inn and the day before they left we spent the afternoon and evening there at the pool. The next day we saw them off at the airport and had a tear-filled goodbye. We miss them already and can't wait until they come for a visit next summer. Hopefully we will also be able to plan a visit down there in the next three years.

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Goose said...

That's so sad they left! They will have a great experience there. For now, you're left with us!