Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Last Thursday we took a last minute trip with our friends the Wadleys to Palmyra, NY for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Every year in July, they put on a huge performance reinacting several events from the Book of Mormon. I've wanted to go for years, so this was the perfect opportunity to tag along with friends and do it together. It was really hot and humid during the day, but the kids were all such troopers and I think we all enjoyed seeing these historic and sacred places. We saw the house that Joseph Smith lived in and it was so small, it was hard to imagine how a family with nine children could've fit inside. No one knows exactly where the Sacred Grove was, so there is a set of trails and pathways throughout the wooded area around Joseph Smith's home and we wandered through just thinking about the miraculous event that once took place there. We also visited the printing press where the Book of Mormon was first printed and learned that it took 7 months to print one Book of Mormon. Two men worked around the clock to create the metal template for each page and then ink and press, over and over. After the long day, we got some pizza (Mandi and I agreed it was the best we've ever eaten!) at Mark's Pizza and then headed over to sit and wait for the pageant to start. The kids ran around while the adults just sat and were able to relax. Once it got dark the show started and it was phenomenal! We will definitely go back when the kids are older and can appreciate it a bit more, but Jeremy and I really got a lot out of it all.


Corri said...

Hi Erika,
Thanks for the memory comment on my blog! I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get this “memory” to you—you know how life just gets crazy sometimes!
Anyway, my very first memory of you was seeing you in one of my first animal science classes…I think that it was that really boring nutrition one with the fill-in-the-blank notes…remember? We weren’t friends at all then because we’d never really met, and we sat on different sides of the room. What I remember, though, is thinking that you looked like the perfect person with the perfect life. (How’s that for a snap judgement?!) Seriously, though, you were always wearing scrubs, so it was obvious that you had a real veterinary job (which I really wanted), and you just always seemed so pretty and self-assured.
Later when we became friends, I got to know you much better and it was great. You were always fun to talk to and work with during those tech classes. I also remember when I found out that you were the only Church member in your family…just like me! That made me feel like we had a lot of things in common, which was nice.
I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family! I’m glad that Aspen has been a good dog for you. (I worried a little bit about her during her crazy “teenage” still-learning-how-to-behave time.)

Shelese said...

Jessika and I are loving all these photos! Thanks for putting them up for us to enjoy. We miss you guys! Looks like you had such a fun trip!