Monday, March 17, 2008

Inner Harbor and Chaotic Egg Hunt

My oldest sister Lisa, turns 40 next month. When she was out here in January she told us that she wanted all of us sisters to get together in celebration of this major milestone. I laughed because I knew in April I would be in no condition to travel. My other sister Kristin decided that all was not lost, we could get together before her birthday somewhere closeby, in case I should go into labor. Kristin planned it all out and we went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor this past weekend. It was the first time that my sisters and I have ever gotten together by ourselves and I have to admit that despite my fears of all of us being at each others throats, it was an absolute blast! I haven't laughed so much in a long time and I realized that I don't give them enough credit! Lisa flew in early on Saturday and we stayed at a hotel just two blocks from the harbor. The highlights of our trip included attending an "inner-city" farmers market, paddle boating (thanks to the beautiful weather on Saturday), a trip to the aquarium, and makeovers for all of us! Lisa then flew out on Sunday evening and we came home. For four sisters we are all so different, but get us together and the inherited similarities really become obvious, and this trip really showed how related we are. What a blessing that we were all able to come together for a few days without our families and bond once again as sisters. Thanks to our husbands for holding down the forts and giving us a weekend off!

So while I was gone this weekend, Jeremy was such a great dad and took the boys to an easter egg hunt. Cameron had been begging to go ever since we got a flyer in the mail because a helicopter was going to drop the eggs for the kids to find. Pretty great in the eyes of a five year old and admittedly pretty intriguing for adults as well. It was put on by a local church and held at an elementary school. Jeremy said that when they got there they had to park so far away because it was soooooo crowded. They had anticipated 1-2 thousand people, but 3-4 thousand showed up. As they were walking to where you have to register, Gavin fell in the mud and got a big scratch on his nose and mouth so they had to reurn to the car to try to get him cleaned up and stop the bleeding on his face. Poor Jeremy didn't have any baby wipes so he was trying to just use the few napkins we had in the glove compartment. But he did not give up. The kids anxiously awaited by the field, already littered with thousands of eggs, for more eggs to be delivered via the anticipated helicopter. The moment came and the kids watched on in awe and then were patient for the cue to be given when they could let loose and gather the eggs. Jeremy held Gavin's hand and had Cameron close by him as the stampede began, but there were so many kids and soon Cameron was nowhere to be found. Cameron tells me that he ran fast to get more eggs and when he realized he couldn't find daddy, I am proud to say that he put into practice what we have taught him at home. He found a mommy and told her that he had lost his dad. This kind woman took him to the event staff (and gave him two eggs which Cameron was the most excited about) and they announced over the speakers for Jeremy to come and get him. Jeremy, who had been searching frantically, was relieved to find him safe and sound. That night when I called to ask about how the day went, Cameron told me he had gotten lost, but he was most concerned that he only got 4 eggs. Jeremy said that the crowd was so massive that many children were crying because they did not get any eggs at all and Cameron said he would've shared, but he was saving his extra eggs for mommy. What a sweet boy! In light of what happened, I seriously doubt we will return next year for this egg hunt, no matter what gimmic tries to lure us! I will just have to be sure to hide the flyer before Cameron sees it!

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Heather said...

whew! we almost fell for that event...i think i will just drop some eggs myself