Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

It's official now. For a few weeks we've been experamenting with Gavin sleeping in the bottom bunk in Cameron's room and now he will actually stay in bed, even during naptime! The first few nights I would find Gavin up in the top bunk playing while Cameron was sound asleep and then he would yell for me because he couldn't climb back down by himself. We would then "punish" him by putting him back in the crib which he decided he was too big for. I'm glad it ended up being his decision and yesterday I took down all the stuff in the nursery to start getting ready for the new baby. I was a little bit sad the whole time, wondering if Gavin would really suffer from that "middle child syndrome" since he was moving into a room that is really Cameron's and making his old room into one for this new addition. Would he feel like he didn't have a place of his own anymore? I think I am overly paranoid about all of the stigmatisms that come with birth order, but I just want all of my kids to feel individually loved. We will be tweaking the big boy room a bit by changing the decor some, hopefully that will be enough to make Gavin feel welcome there too and change it onto Cameron and Gavin's room. We sure are proud of our big boy and this big step!

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