Friday, February 29, 2008

Cameron's Heart Month

During February, Cameron learned all about his heart at preschool. All month long, he would come home with little tidbits of information about his veins and arteries, and how his heart worked. For a while, all of his drawings of people included blue and red blood vessels running through their bodies. I was really impressed by all he was learning and he even taught me some things I didn't know. Also throughout the month, "Chef Combo" cooked for the kids and taught them about healthy and unhealthy foods. He was just a puppet, but he had a magic effect on Cameron, and his "one bite rule" got Cam to eat foods like eggplant and squash- things he had never tried. This month was a bit of a wake up call for Jeremy and I too as Cameron would constantly comment on our eating habits and how unhealthy they were. I was eating a piece of pie one day and he told me I was hurting my heart and now it would be harder to pump my blood. I told him we make exceptions when mommy is pregnant... I guess we should be setting a better example. Today they had a little performance and graduation at school since the month is over. Cameron's part included showing how your heart pumps blood when you eat healthy and when you don't eat healthy. He had a turkey baster that was easy to squeeze and one that was a lot harder to squeeze, complete with attached tubes into red colored water. At the end each child received a diploma for having completed the program. I sure hope the lessons he's learned stick with him (and his parents).

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Goose said...

Cam imparted "heart knowlede" to Austin too. Yesterday Austin told me that 'Cam told him that French fries are not healthy even though they're made of potatos and wheat. They're only good "once and a while".