Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

What would Halloween be without carving a pumpkin? Last Saturday we took the kids to Buckland Farms, a little roadside stand with lots of pumpkins for the season, and we picked out the perfect one for us to carve. In the past we have been more ambitious and purchased several to turn into jack-o-lanterns, but leaned that less is more when it comes to doing this project with the kiddos. This year, I even bought one of those carving kits so that we didn't have to use the kitchen knives this time. Jeremy let Cameron pick which design (several came with the kit) to use for our Jack. Of course he picked out the most intricate one and I tried to convince both child and husband that we should just make a normal jack-o-lantern face. I guess we compromised by picking a slightly less complicated pattern, and Jeremy got to carving while the kids and I enjoyed some pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Several slices of cake later, Jeremy was still hard at work and the kids were getting antsy. I pitched in where I could and voila, he was finished. Jeremy was pretty proud of his work and rightly so. I was just reminded of how grateful I was that we had only gotten one, that carving takes forever! Here is the finished product for your viewing pleasure.

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