Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Big Announcement :)

The time has come for us to leak the news of another baby on the way for our little family! The baby is due April 20, and we should find out if it a boy or girl the beginning of December. We have a feeling it's another boy, and I will be happy just as long as it's a calm, quiet baby. When we told Cameron he would be getting a new baby brother or sister, he told us he wanted a sister. I told him that we don't get to pick, God picks for us. To this he replied, "if it's not a girl then I don't think we should have another baby." He has been really excited about my pregnancy and every week we look together in my week by week book to see how big the baby is and what is developing, he excitedly tells people that the baby is as big as a lemon, or a peach according to that week. I think Gavin will be happy to have a baby in the house, he loves babies, if anything we will have to be careful of him showing too much love. I am just a bit nervous about having three, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes in our house. We feel so blessed to be having another and can't wait to meet this new member of our family!

Here is a photo of our ultrasound picture at 8 weeks:


Hungrymutt said...

Congratulations on the upcoming arrivl of your new baby. I hope you get a girl. But if you don't, quite frankly I think boys are the best anyway.
Love Sandy

Shelese said...

Yay! Congratulations! You're kids are so cute and we need more cute people in the world. So glad you are having another!