Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pre-Preschool Fun

As this has been the last week of summer before Cameron starts back at preschool, we felt it mandatory that we pack in as much fun as we possibly could to go out with a bang. Jeremy took off last Thursday and we headed to Kings Dominion to take advantage of our season passes one last time. Cameron's favorite ride is the Avalanche, a roller coaster that reminds him of being flushed down the toilet because it winds around and around. This time Gavin actually wanted to ride some of the kiddie rides, whereas in the past he has been too petrified to get on. It helped having his big brother with him to reassure him that everything would be ok. We really love the waterpark there at KD, which has a great spot for toddlers, a wave pool, and one huge slide that Cameron can go on with either Jeremy or I. That night, my sister Kristin and her family joined us there for a few hours and we closed the park! We had two extremely exhausted kiddos when we left and were greatful for the quiet ride home.

On Saturday we took the family to Gravelly Park, a little open area right past the Reagan National Airport where the planes take off right over your head. Gavin is particularly fond of airplanes and after the initial fear of the loud noise, he was eager to point out each plane. We then went to Roosevelt Island which I haven't been to since I was on a field trip in elementary school. It was hotter than we expected so we only walked around for a bit before we were ready to head out, but we definitely want to go back in the fall when we can hike the little trails and bring a picnic or something.
Labor Day Monday we went to Stribling Orchard to pick some apples and welcome the fall. I was just grateful that the bees weren't out like I'd remembered from last year when we were there since I have a major phobia and Gavin has recently been obsessed with finding bugs and squishing them. I just knew he would get stung, but ther were not enough apples on the ground yet to attract the bees, phew! Again, the day was warmer than we thought it would be, so later that day we hit the pool one last time before it closed for the season. Cameron has made great strides with his swimming these last few weeks, I am just hoing that he remembers what he has learned for next year. We are going to have to take a few trips to the indoor pool this winter so he keeps up his skills.

Cameron starts his second year of preschool at 4R's tomorrow and he is so excited! He has definitely missed his teachers there and keeps asking when he can go back. I hope that this love for learning sticks with him forever. I don't remember at what age you start dreading the first day of school. I think I've got a few years yet.


Hungrymutt said...

Hey Erika,
Wyatt is going to start pre-school for 2-3 year olds next week. Boy they grow up fast.
How do you put music on your blog page?

Shelese said...

Wow, what a fun way to end the summer. I love your blog and was wondering the same thing about the music, very cool. (love your song choice too, makes me want to sing along!)