Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cameron's First Day of Preschool

Our big four year old started his second year at 4 R's Preschool last week. He had been talking about going back to school ever since school got out in May it seems, and he was so excited to see his teachers again. This year, there are two classes, a morning and an afternoon one, and most of Cameron's close friends signed up for the afternoon class, and we chose the morning one. I think he was a little disappointed that they weren't there, but he has already made some new friends that he talks about almost every day.

I can't say enough good things about his preschool. It is held in an old home right here in Haymarket, and the teachers are phenomenal. I remember being skeptical the first time I visited the preschool, it is small, and really old, and the owner was in her 80's. But after talking to friends that had children there, I decided to enroll Cameron and it has been such a rewarding experience for him. Instead of drilling facts into the kids, they learn morals and things like respect and caring for others, skills that they need throughout their lives. I'm so glad that such a school exists for my children with good old fashioned values and a non stressful environment for learning. We are definitely looking forward to a new year at 4 R's.

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