Friday, March 13, 2015


Meet the newest member of our family- permanently.  After losing Anya, and only having "temporary pets"- pregnant mama cats and their babies and GEB pups it was finally time to introduce a pet that would stay.  A while ago a kitten came into the hospital from the shelter that was a beautiful seal point siamese looking guy and ever since I have wanted one just like him.  I actually never forgave myself for not keeping Dunkin, one of our first beautiful kittens, and he was siamese-ey looking.  And I knew I wanted a boy since they are usually more fun and better with kids.  SO, when the shelter posted the below pic of this handsome boy I asked Dr. Murphy to pull some strings and have them hold him for me to come see him the next day.  he was frightened at the shelter, but he came around after a while  and was purring in my arms soon.  The kids kept asking if he really was theirs to keep and taking turns holding him.  He loves to lay on your chest and lick your face and also likes to sleep on or near your head!  He and Fergus are working things out, but they have already made great progress!  He's ours for the long haul and we love him!

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