Thursday, October 23, 2014

End Hunger Campaign

This past Saturday morning our family woke up early to go and take part in the annual End Hunger campaign.  I am fortunate to work for an animal hospital that likes to give back to the community, and many of us were able to attend.  The best part was that our whole family could help, even 6 year old Mason.  We basically scooped ingredients into bags and then weighed them and sealed them before putting them in boxes.  In the 2 hours were were there we packaged over 25000 bags.  These bags are going to the Appalacian region of Kentucky.  Mason's favorite job was helping to heat seal the bags, Cameron liked weighing them, and Gavin loved scooping the rice.  So many times during the process the kids mentioned how much fun they were having.  It just goes to show you serving others can be even more fun than Chuck E Cheese to a kid.  Cameron especially was touched by this experience and has said several times that he can't wait to do it again.

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