Monday, September 8, 2014

Finally, Fergus.

Well, here we are again, at the start of another Guiding Eyes puppy.  After careful consideration, we decided to raise again.  Once we made that decision, our puppy couldn't come soon enough!  We watched the lists of potential pups, picking our favorite names and drooling over baby pictures, and when we found out Fergus was assigned to our family we were so happy!  Another yellow boy for us and he is as sweet as can be!  He is a quick learner and has been easy to housebreak, he goes potty every time we tell him to!  The kids can't leave him alone and love when he falls asleep so they can snuggle him.  I must say, I rather like that myself.  He came to us quite skinny, but we will fix that!  We are ready to train up another winner for GEB, and excited for the journey!  Welcome, Fergus!

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