Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eight is Great!

Someone had a pretty big birthday in our house on Saturday.  Eight is a big deal on out house because that's how old you have to be to get baptized.  And although we are waiting until spring for Gavin's baptism, eight is great, nonetheless.  After having the big party earlier in the week, birthday day actually was pretty quiet.  Cameron and Mason gifted Gavs a day free of chores and completed them for him.  After gifts in the morning, we had the preselected cinnamon rolls and sausage with chocolate milk.  We had our family pictures scheduled that morning and although that can be a contentious day for us, we mostly managed to stay cheery through the process, for Gavin's sake of course.  Much of his day was spent with new toys and games but for dinner we went to Q'doba,, a Mexican place that I don't love but for whatever reason the kids do.  We then all watched Monsters University (super cute!) and had the requested cookies and cream ice cream cake, easy for me!  All in all I think he had a great, eight day, and we sure appreci-eight this sweet boy!

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