Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Johnson FIVE!

The youngest Johnson turned a whopping high five today.  Five is a big deal in this house, it means starting school soon and getting some "big kid" responsibilities.  Mason has been talking about his birthday since April 10th of last year, planning and replanning all the details from his friend party (still to come) to what kind of cake he wants and where to go out to eat, etc.  He woke up this morning telling everyone happy birthday and laughing at the silliness of that, then opening his gifts,( legos!  super hero stuff!) and eating a mountain of donut holes for breakfast.  Our day involved a lot of running around since tomorrow Jeremy and I hop off to Jamaica for a few days and I had to get the kids and the dog ready for their perspective stay-overs, but they did sing to him at swim class and we did indeed go out to eat at Red Robin and then to Grandma's for cake and ice cream after which we tucked our three munchkins in there to stay and are now home in a very empty quiet house.  Of all of my boys, Mason may be my most difficult.  Mostly because he is a STUBBORN little guy that isn't afraid to speak his mind and plant his feet.  Sometimes he wants to be one of the big boys and do things on his own, without help, but sometimes he likes to stay the baby and regresses to asking for help with socks and shoes he's been putting on himself for years.  As frustrating as this can get, I often take a deep breath and realize most of the time this means he needs some more attention (even though it's always when I'm in a hurry!) and more of his mama.  Man this kid is clever and can reason his way out of anything.  When he is in a great mood I could just eat him up and his facial expressions make him fit for a camera career.  We sure do love this little guy and hope he keeps pushing us to our limit so we can evolve into better parents, pr at least more patient ones.

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