Thursday, August 16, 2012

Berry Picking

We took Grandma to one of our favorite picking places around- Great Country Farms to pick peaches on Tuesday.  We've been going there for years picking strawberries mostly, but also blueberries and blackberries a couple of times.  We took the tractor ride out to the orchard but their peach pickin's were poor.  It was the end of the season and most of the peaches were hard or squishy so we didn't pick many.  Instead of being disappointed we were thankful that it was still blackberry season and we found many ripe, delicious blackberries to bring home as well as some cherry tomatoes.  More than the picking, the boys love all there is to do at Great Country.  Slides, mazes, and clever play equipment could keep them entertained for hours, even in the heat and humidity of the day we chose to go.  Gavin is still talking about the neat pedal cars and track that they have there and is asking Santa for one for Christmas...  We also got to feed some animals there and watch the crazy scene that occurred when you threw some food into the chicken pen- swarms of chickens descended!  Alas, no peach pie for the Johnson family, but perhaps some blackberry cobbler?

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