Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second Annual Johnson Derby

Last Friday was the second year our family participated in the Pinewood Derby. Cameron was excited to compete again and pretty much made the entire car on his own. Some of these dads that get all crazy and make their kids cars for them totally bug me, this is supposed to be something the kids do, not the parents. Last year his car came in close to last place and Cam was disappointed so this year he was really hoping to do well. While he did do better, he still didn't get a trophy and he proclaimed his car was no good. We tried to tell him it was his effort that counted. Maybe next year I'll just give in and get Jeremy a book on how to make a wining car. After all, we have like 7 more years of this!

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Anonymous said...

That is crazy - here everyone gets a ribbon or small trophy for just competing - the 1st ,2nd, and 3rd place get seperate trophies. I was recently released from cub scouts so I do not get to be apart of this again;S Mixed feeling cause how much parents do get into it;S Hope all is well! Love the new specs - he does look pretty sharp!

Kimberly Ripa