Saturday, April 9, 2011

A baby no more

Today the littlest man of the house turned three. He has been looking forward to this day ever since we started asking him what he would like for his birthday. He always answered "a dinosaur cake." It wasn't until this morning that he realized gifts were part of the deal too. The highlight of the presents was an Imaginext fire station we bought him and all three of the boys have been playing with it all day. We just love Imaginext toys at our house! The box says ages three to eight so it was perfect for our brood. We went out to eat at Red Robin, then took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese to play for a while. After that it was back home for dinosaur cake and ice cream and a Diego movie for the birthday boy.

All this week we have been working on potty training. I think this is the third time I've tried with Mason and I was determined to have it done before he was three. He is now the oldest of my boys to be rid of diapers and it has been a rocky road to say the least. We are making slow progress but hopefully we will be out of the woods soon. I am open to suggestions!

As sad as I am to be done having a "baby" I am so looking forward to the years ahead as all the boys get older and we can start enjoying some of the same things. We went to Busch Gardens on Monday and I loved being able to go on roller coasters with Cameron. It will be nice when we can all go together.

Happy Birthday Mason! We love having you in our family!


Lynette said...

I can't believe little Mason is Three!!!! It sure looks like he had a great day! I love his little dinosaur cake!

Anne said...

You are an awesome mommy!! My aunt told me she did her 3 boys and 2 girls cold turkey with potty training. I did it with Emily, and it worked. Of course, it wasn't fun, but it took a week as it did for my Aunt. I am sure you tried it, but thought I might tell you anyway!:)