Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never a dull moment- except in January

January gives me depression issues... I hate, hate, hate taking down Christmas and seeing my bare house, no longer with Christmas cheer. I have heard of people who actually love to take it all down and have their clean house back, but I do not fall under that category, not by a long shot. Shortly after Christmas, Cameron asked me what holiday came next. I told him Valentine's Day which was a mere 6 weeks away... Sheesh!

The start of January was frigid and blustery and there was nothing exciting on our calendar, but in the last few days we have had some 50 degree weather which has helped to warm up our spirits a bit. Yesterday we went to Gravelly Park to watch the airplanes and Roosevelt Island. It was warm enough for a picnic! Of course, I don't have any pictures because we brought or new camcorder that also takes pictures and I can't figure out how to upload them yet. There is one video my family had of us kids growing up and it was at this same airplane park, it was nostalgic to be able to record my kids in the same spot.

In cleaning out our camera, I came across a few postable pics, like these two from Cameron's Winter party that he wasn't able to have until January due to our snow storm. I am the room mom so this was a big deal. The kids decorated gingerbread men, made paper snowflakes, crafted snowmen with snow globe bellies, exchanged books and played a fun hot potato game where every time the music ended the kids unwrapped a layer of paper on a gift box until the box was revealed and filled with candy! It was so much fun for the kids and I love being room mom to an amazing teacher.

We always love having Sarah and Luke over . Here the kids are decorating some cookie snowmen. Twice a month we swap kids with our friends the Wadley's so we can each have a date night. It is so nice to not have to get a sitter and the kids love to get together and play!

There was one other thing that happened last week that probably deserves a post all of its own, but Jeremy would hate it if I did that. Jeremy got a new calling in our church and it's a doozy. In our church we do not have paid clergy, every position is filled though volunteer work, basically the leadership in the church chooses someone to fill an empty spot and everyone has a job to do whether is it a bishop, Sunday school teacher, or program printer. Jeremy was asked to be a counselor in the bishopric, meaning he is one of two men who divide the duties of the ward with the bishop and preside over different auxiliaries. This will be and already is a major time commitment, but we believe it will bring with it blessings for our family. We will support him in this very important new role and are very proud of him.


Mandi said...

We sure do have a good thing going with our swap, don't we?

Mandi said...

We sure do have a good thing going with our swap, don't we?

Anne said...

Bishopric Counselor, huh? That is great news!!

Kristen said...

Doesn't the house feel so bare with all the decor gone? Good luck with the bishopric thing too. Hang in there.

Tami said...

Congrats on the Bishopric Counselor! Or should I say condolences. :-) I am sure he is great!
I hear you on the January blues. It is not my favorite month at all. I am a sunshine girl. I love the sun and the heat. Two things missing in January. I have enjoyed having my kids home for snow days. I could enjoy that all winter long. :-)