Friday, October 30, 2009


Gavin's preschool went to Pumpkinville yesterday for a field trip. Since Cameron had missed his field trip last week due to being sick, I decided to let him come along and miss school. Now that these two monkeys are almost 4 and almost 7, it seems like they are finally getting into their brother groove. Sure they fight and get on each others nerves, but I am noticing more and more moments when they are just enjoying each other and not competing. Yesterday was one of those days. We really had a great time together. Mason stayed home with Jeremy so I could just concentrate on them. I felt so relaxed as I just sat and watched the boys play and I didn't have to help anyone down the slide or carry them around, and I didn't have to worry that they were getting into something they shouldn't be. They are at great ages and I love it!

Both boys with their favorite preschool teacher, Mrs. Winger

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Angie said...

Your boys are just adorable Erika. You're very blessed.