Thursday, September 10, 2009

Firsts for Gavin this week too

Today Gavin began his 4 R's journey. We have missed this little preschool dearly for the past year. Although the school has moved locations, the spirit of the school remains the same. Gavin did not hesitate as he entered, the teachers Mrs. Winger, Mrs. Peacock, and Mrs. Rutter were all familiar to him and he has been anxious all week to start "his school." I had to call him back for a hug and kiss and then he ran off without a second glance in my direction. There were no tears from either of us because although it was new it really wasn't, and I know that he is in the best of hands. When I came to pick him up he was in the same little truck that Cameron used to drive around all the time, I hope that truck makes it to when Mason goes there too. Gavin gave the day rave reviews and even sang me the "friend" song and the "teapot" song they had learned that day. He had such a great time that he didn't even want to leave. We celebrated by going to McDonalds and we bought him his own little lil' webkinz, a St. Bernard Gavin named Nay-Nay. It was a good day.


Lisa Allen said...

So fun to hear all of your news. I am glad both boys had great first days this week. Enjoyed talking yesterday.
We love you all! Lisa

Angie said...

Yeah Gavs! He looks so happy and confident in his picture. He's ready for preschool!

Kristen said...

Wahoo! That is so great that he was happy and that it went without tears. He is getting to be such a big boy.