Friday, September 12, 2008

Five Month Old Mason

Our little tag-along turned 5 months old on Tuesday. What a sweet blessing he has been in our lives! He has such a mellow, peaceful temprament that he adds such joy into each day. He has been babbling and drooling like crazy, he just learned how to blow rasberries, he can roll from his tummy to his back, and he is learning to sit up on his own, although it might be another month or so before he masters that one. The boys are so gentle with him (yes, even Gavin!) and they have competitions to see who can make him laugh the longest. In fact, there have been a couple of days when Cameron gets home from school that they have literally been fighting over who gets to be closest to him. Gavin even includes Mason as one of the "people" in his make believe play with his other little people toys. I often find him downstairs next to Mason's bouncy seat, giving him a kiss because he's "going to work." A day isn't complete until each brother has planted one on those adorable cheeks before bed. Cameron has taken on the role of caregiver and is happy to hold Mason as long as I will let him. He has even fallen asleep in Cam's comfy arms.

Ever since school started, we have tried to get Mason on more of a sleep schedule. For such a laid back little guy, this one sure can cry! I had never put Mason to bed while he was still awake, mostly due to the fact that we were always go, go , go during the summer and at night Jeremy and I loved to have him fall asleep in our arms, but no more! He fought back much harder than I expected and his little voice has been hoarse for days due to the solid two hour blocks of crying/screaming he has endured, but finally success! Last night he didn't even make a peep when I laid him down and for two naps today it has been the same. Hallelujah!

My favorite thing is still to have him all to myself and snuggle him like crazy and I just love that he loves it too! This baby is way more cuddly that Cameron or Gavin, probably due to the abundance of love we have been showering him with. And boy, oh boy does he love to be in the Baby Bjorn carrier, he would be content forever in that thing, which makes errands so much easier. For five whole months we have been lovin' this guy to death, and I can't imagine it any other way. He brings all of us so much happiness.


Gina said...

He is getting so big and smiley!

Kristy said...

So cute! I'm a little jealous that he'll sit there and smile for the camera--Owen gets his whole body into his smiles so the pictures are usually blurry. Silly babies!

miranda said...

He is so cute. I don't think he looks like either one of your boys. These mile stone are fun but, I sure miss my brand new baby!

Jones Family said...

He is so cute. I wish I could say that my third was easy. When are you going to bring the family out to visit? I miss you. Oh, and thanks for the comment about the bus on our blog. We had a good laugh.

just jen said...

i could not live without the baby bjorn. best invention ever!

thanks for inviting me to the recipe blog...i love to cook!